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Our Technology

We are here to create you more time for you to handling your daily activities in today fast moving technology world.


Campaign Database Management

Tight connection with customers which apart different from Facebook and other social media marketing. Make the business easier. Auto collect the data and information of the customers by just setting up a spider-web door. It totally far different with the social network applications you see on the Internet.

Really 365

Autobot will experience you different feeling in business context especially. This is because, Autobot will collect all your contacts information which is your customers as well. Autobot will make you keep in touch and keep a good connection with your customers as it will call back to your customers through the automation text.

On Demand Campaign

It is an automatic wishes through sms, email and either event reminder. Sometimes, we might busy with our daily life and do not have enough time to memorize everything. So, Autobot can always send those texts automatically to your contacts.

365 Service

More than hundreds tasks that we need to handle in the whole year. We might forget and ignore some task since we are too busy in our daily lives. Through Autobot, we can set the particular in Autobot. Later on, Autobot will send soft reminder for us and we can avoid against forgetting certain activity.

365 Routine

There are more than hundreds of events in a year. It is impossible if you pretend to send those wishes to all of your contacts. Autobot will help to overcome those problems. All the events and festivals along a year will be recorded in Autobot and all wishes will automatically send to your contacts through email and sms respectively.


We are continuing to extend our module in order to automate your business and relationships with your friends and families exactly. We will transform the way you handle your business into an automated system which make your business controllable with lesser resources. The magic tool is here for you.