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Since 2007

AUTOBOT was formed and supported by our parent company, OPERION (Operion Ecommerce & Software Sdn Bhd) since 2007. Our parent company provides programming for the software and APP development services. Although we may not be a huge enterprise, however our strength lies in our innovative and effective products. We are determined to create a product to improve the way we do business and even enhance our way of life. As our slogan says: "Software for Better Living.".

since 2007

Remove Repetitive Manual Work

If you look into your daily work routine, You will realize that there are too many repetitive tasks and manual work. Nobody likes it nor enjoys it, therefore we will always try to give information on how to improve your business through the use of technology either in software implementation or hardware integration.

Of course, by now you or your employees would have gotten used to the routines, you may even have doubt that using a new system would disrupt the way you run your business. However, using Autobot would surely improve your business in the long run.

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Software Changing The Way You Live

Over the decades, the growth of software technology has changed the way businesses are run. We believe that it can TRANSFORM your business as automation could help to maximize efficiency and reduce the resources used to do the tasks required. All of these would help you to reap the most profit out of your business.

Not only that, the automation process could also be implemented in our daily lives. As an example, instead of reading the news from the newspaper or text-form APP, you could use a software technology to plug-in or integrate the world news to convert it into a voice form so that you can listen to the news while you are driving.

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Change The Way You Do Business

In today’s digital age, relationships could easily be made, but could easily be broken as well. Even though we may be able to reach thousands of people a day, there will be no use if the fragile relationship is not kept or sustained; this is true for both personal and business relationships.

Therefore, the branding of your business must be sustainable in the long term, whether it is within your circle of friends, or in your pool of customers. To do this, Autobot CRM is the perfect tool for you. As Chappelle says, ‘Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions.’

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