It all can be done using our various automated relationship campaigns.

Create Really 365

Create Really 365 campaigns archive results

We provides all the capabilities you need to create and manage the relationships with your customer for one whole year.

Relationship Campaign Relationship Campaign

Show constant care for your customers and let them remember you

Birthday Campaign Birthday Campaign

Greet your customers on their special day for brand awareness purposes

Holiday Campaign Holiday Campaign

Brighten up your customers' mood by greeting them on festive seasons

Effective Marketing Campaign

Really 365 features to get the job done

Autobot is flexible. It's designed to look and work the way you want.


  • Control the sending day
  • Control the sending time
  • Limit by Country, State
  • Message Read status
  • Message Read behaviour
  • Summary Analytics report

Creative Control

  • Ready-made Email Template
  • Ready-made SMS Template
  • Language Control
  • Contact Group compiling
  • Language Filtering
  • Auto Data Management

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Create Your Really 365 Why Autobot

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