Automatically award different prizes based on the odds you set. Allow non-winners to try again after a customizable period.

Create Lucky on the Spot

Create Lucky Draw campaigns that increase followers

Autobot provides all the capabilities you need to create and manage a successful campaign.

Repeat Engagement Repeat Engagement

Control the odds of winning to keep your audience engaged and coming back again and again.

Create Loyalty Create Loyalty

Winning a prize will help build impactful and good brand associations in your customers' minds.

Budget Friendly Budget Friendly

Stay within your budget while growing your customer knowledge with convenience control over your prize-drawing.

Instant Results Instant Results

Instead of having to wait, results will be given immediately to winners and non-winners.

Effective Marketing Campaign

Lucky on The Spot features to get the job done

Autobot is flexible. It's designed to look and work the way you want.


  • Control the start and end date
  • Control the validity time
  • Multiple prize support
  • Try again time period
  • Unique winning code as a prize

Creative Control

  • Editable Cover image
  • Winning Prizes intro
  • Language Control
  • Scan QR to claim prize
  • Online & Offline Integration

Participation Limits

  • Age requirement
  • Geographic requirement
  • Protected entry
  • Accept rules requirement
  • One win per person

Prize Customization

  • Prize and Budget control
  • Multiple Prize's winning rate
  • Special prize by numbers
  • Customize odds per prize
  • Consolation prize

Publish Anywhere

  • On mobile
  • On websites
  • On social sites
  • As landing pages
  • At cashier's counter
  • At retail storefront

Promote Anywhere

  • Post to social sites
  • Email campaigns
  • SMS Broadcast
  • Whatsapp Broadcast
  • Websites & Blogs
  • Physical advertisement

Track Performance

  • Visitor Metrics
  • Source Tracking
  • Viral vs Direct
  • Analytics Support
  • Google Re-Marketing
  • Facebook Pixels

Use Your Data

  • News' Broadcast
  • Promotion Broadcast
  • Customers' Behaviour study
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Business Collaboration

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