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Awesome campaigns shouldn't be contained. Unleash your Autobot creations anywhere.

On Mobile Marketing

On Mobile

Just share your campaign link with your audience. We'll host it on it's own mobile responsive site.

On Websites Marketing

On Websites

Display your campaign directly on any website.

On Blogs Marketing

On Blogs

Utilize your custom code plugin for a super simple way to embed campaigns on your blog.

On Social Marketing

On Social

Easily install a campaign into your Facebook page and collect participation directly from social sites.

Landing Page Marketing

As Landing Pages

Great for driving traffic from emails, ads and social posts directly to a dedicated landing site.

Offline Store Marketing

Offline Store

Attach the campaign gimmy card at your cashier, or print it on a giant card to drive customer's attention.

Powerful and Intuitive Tools

Our front-to-end features take you from zero to hero in 5 minutes.

Effective Marketing Campaign

Ready-made Campaigns to get you started

A very simple technology that you can setup your campaign and exercise it with your customers to start the database collection in less than 5 minutes.

Access Data Anywhere

Access your Data anywhere

The technology that build with the cloud give you the flexibility to access your data and read the auto-compiled report in chart / graph.

Measure Marketing Result

Measure your success with Powerful Analytics

We are obsessed with performance and you'll have the data you need to see how well your goals are being met. You'll even have specific metrics on the viral success of your promotion.

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