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Create e-Ticketing

Create e-Ticketing that capture followers

Autobot provides all the capabilities you need to create and manage a successful event

Repeat Engagement Repeat Engagement

Stores your audience data to keep them in touch after your grand events.

Instant Attendance Instant Attendance

Instead of having them to queue and wait, use our digital tickets for speedy check-ins.

Budget Friendly CRM Budget Friendly

Stay within your budget while growing your audience capacity with convenience control over your potential customers.

Easy Adapt CRM Easy Purchase and Payment

Equipped with various payment methods (i.e. manual, PayPal, credit cards).


e-Ticketing features to get the job done

Autobot is flexible. It's designed to look and work the way you want.


  • Control the start and end date
  • Check in and out supported
  • Unique QR code as attendance
  • Automatically stores audience data

Creative Control

  • Editable Cover image
  • Editable event details content
  • Set various entry packages
  • Customize pricing and payment methods

Track Performance

  • Visitor Metrics
  • Time spent in event
  • Source Tracking
  • Track Attendees Payment status

Promote Anywhere

  • Post to social sites
  • Email campaigns
  • Websites & Blogs
  • Track performance by campaign

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