Autobot for Retail

You need more time to manage all the business process.

Here is why Autobot realize to solve all your problem.

You need a lot of time and resources to manage your customers, advertising, promotion, strategy.

You cannot afford to pay for $3K - $5K advertising fee,

you cannot afford expenses to build high-tech system."

But, Autobot is here to offer you an affordable solution to solve the four problems above.

  • Database Collection in no Time

    Collect your customer database like magic.

  • Lucky Draw Event in no Time

    The best tool ever to grow your customer database like magic.

  • One for All in No Time

    One campaign same for mobile, desktop, social sites, and blog. Not only this, you can grow your customer base from online to offline or, offline to online.

  • Cross Partners' Database in No Time

    Integrate and exchange the customer database between Autobot's client.

Billing System

Just a Really Very Intelligent System

Autobot changes the way you promote your business
Easy Invoice Management Image
  • VIP Service to your customer

    Distribute unique promo code to your customers to grow your customer loyalty.

  • Promotion by Calendar

    Sending wishing message to your customers during birthday and holidays.

  • Distribute your Promotion Accurately

    Sending promotion accurately will create better ROI for company with mass advertising.

  • Track your Campaign Performance

    Track your visitors through Google Analytics report.

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Really 365

Take care your customer relationship one whole year.

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Take care your customer relationship one whole year.

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Take care your customer relationship one whole year.

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