Frequently Asked Question


Do I need an email list to get started with email marketing?

You need to have your own email list and import into the system. We have some convenient tool for you to import your email quickly from Gmail, Outlook, Live Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo. Alternatively you can upload your contact through XLS format.

How do I design my emails ? Do I need to know HTML ?

You can choose to use our built-in editor to design your email, it's simple to use and you don't need to know HTML at all ! Or you can also get some ready templates from other website and use it in our email campaign. Otherwise you can also copy and paste your designed newsletter from Microsoft Word.

What is the email sending rate ?

We have a flat rate which is 1 credit per email sending for unlimited text and graphic.

How many email can I send ?

You can sent out around 100,000 emails per day. However you can send a request to us to increase the daily sending quota.

Can I schedule my emails instead of sending manually ?

Yes, you can create a campaign and set the date and time your wish your email to be sent out and Autobot will send it automatically for you.

How does Autobot email transaction work ?

Autobot sends emails via our server by using multithreading technology.

How the Autobot control the email sending to avoid spam and bounce ?

New created or imported contact will be verified before it can be allowed to receive your email. If there is any email exceeding the verification period, this email will be imprisoned and you are not able to send any email to this recipient.

Why the Autobot email marketing is so much special ?

All the contact’s email addresses will go through the three steps validation process: syntax, domain verification and dns response validation. This is to confirm the validity of emails with a good degree of certainty.

What are the SMS technology Autobot using?

We are using the shortcode SMS gateway which has higher delivery rate compared to the longcode SMS gateway.

Can Autobot handle large amount of SMS sending?

Yes, we can handle up to 56,000 SMS sending per day. However you can send a request to us to increase the daily sending quota.

Which Telco does Autobot support?

We are able to deliver your SMS to all the GSM network in Malaysia.

How much does it cost if i want to SMS outside of Malaysia?

International sending cost is 2 credits per SMS.

Will my credit get deducted if I send to an invalid mobile number?

Yes, if you send message on invalid number,your credits will get deduct. We are not responsible for any failure sending of SMS caused by Telco. However, if the SMS is failed to send out, our system will try to resend it for 3 times without charging extra credits. Adding, it is good if you can do the phone database clean up from time to time to remove the invalid phone number.

What if I keep on sending a lot of SMS to invalid numbers? It's not a fair to us as a customer.

The credit will be deducted once the SMS is sent. However, we provide an invalid SMS report for you to manage all the invalid number and do the clean up.

Do I have expiration date for my SMS credits?

No, Your SMS credits will never expired.

Does the SMS supports Chinese character?

Yes, we support Chinese (simplified/traditional) character

How much characters I can send in a SMS?

We support unlimited character of sending 150 characters in Latin alphabets or 60 characters in non-Latin alphabets (eg: Chinese) will be counted as 1 credit.

Can I request to refund the credit if I terminate my SMS system account?

We do not make the refund of the remaining credit but you can use all of your credits

Does the SMS is 100% send out?

We do not guarantee 100% of success rate. However the shortcode gateway has an approximately 97% of delivery rate which is far more higher than a longcode SMS gateway.