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Coffee Venture


12+ months

Successfully collect 10,000 customer data in 12 months and more to go. Managed to create sales from the existing customers' data and walk in customers' data. Boost sales up to 50%!
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De Wan 1958 by Chef Wan


6+ months

Used 'Lucky On The Spot' to create a campaign for the new opening event and successfully collected 2,000 customers' data in one day and create potential customers' database which generated sales up to 20%.
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Conference Events

12+ months

Used 'Lucky On The Spot' feature during the Lucky Draw session to replace the conventional way of Lucky Draw during conference and event. Autobot successfully logged 2,000 of customers' data for the events and make the session become more interactive.
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Home + Care Shop

Third-Party System Integration

12+ months

Using Really 365 Automated to send the monthly newsletter to customers. Used the Email Broadcast to inform people about the promotion at the online store and generated up to 70% sales in Labour Day.
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Who's Using Autobot

Apexs Deli

Arnold Cycling Cafe

Bubbly Baby Spa

Coffee Venture

Contact D Sign


D Clays


Dancing Fish

De Wan 1958 by Chef Wan

Dr Maison

Dr Organic

EPS Consultants


Fufa Penang

Green Island

Greenish City


King Kong

Lemon Lily


Nutribrown Rice


Rama V



Temasek Land

Thai Hou Sek

The Mighty Bowl

Venzy Tea

Vision Infinity


Zyenn Flower

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