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Over 149,170 trusted customer data has locked in their information to make campaigns run effectively.

More campaign possibilities than you can shake a stick at!

Stunning features make customization easy, so you can build the campaign that is right for your business.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive, Lucky Draw and Prize-Winning

Create lucky draws using our new exciting features. Pick random winners at specific rates and special conditions, and more.

Online Offline Marketing

Online and Offline Intercommunication

Freely connect and interchange between your online and offline customers.

Feedback Collection

Feedback Collection

Automatically feed your customer feedback and data reports to you.

Facebook Google Connect Marketing

Connect with Facebook, Google Advertisement

Create campaign to link with your Facebook pixels and Google retargeting campaign.

Integrate with Website

Integrate with Website

Integrate the enquiry forms into your site and let our automation system do the rest.

Landing Page Marketing

Landing Pages, Downloads, and Forms

Create lead generation forms to redirect your customers to downloadable content.

Creative Marketing Campaign

Use your campaigns anywhere

Autobot is designed to live where you need it.

Landing Page Campaign

Landing Pages

Mobile Campaign


Social Campaign


Offline Store

Offline Store

Website Campaign


Blogs Campaign


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Achieve your marketing goals

Different goals for different roles. Autobot help you achieve your goals as you initiate your marketing efforts.

Marketing Achieve Marketing Success
Marketing Goal

for Lead Generation

Collect leads and engage your target audience with a call to action by incentivizing using lucky draws, discounts, and more.

Marketing Professional

for Social Media

Increase your fans and audience with viral lucky draw features. Increase your reach and expose your brand to new audiences to create new buying opportunities.

Marketing Result

for Email Marketing

Grow email subscribers and increase click-through rates by promoting Autobot campaigns in your email marketing to turn your emails into engaging experiences with promotion and feedback.

Marketing Measurement

for Ecommerce

Sell more by creating more interaction with your customers so that they remember your brand and products from the first day they enjoy your service.

AI Marketing Tools

for Advertising

Increase conversions using rich media ads that point to Autobot campaigns. Experience a higher click through rates and data collection capabilities when you use incentives in your ads with a call to action.

Robot Marketing

for Local Business

Offer different odds of receiving varied discount amounts or free items.

Intelligent Marketing

for Market Research

Learn what matters to your audience using “on the spot surveys form”. Educate your audience while engaging them to participate and incentivize them for their feedback.

Social Marketing Effective
  • Coffee Venture
  • Sun Flower Bakery
  • Apex's deli
  • Green Island
  • King Kong
  • Arnold Cafe
  • Bubbly Baby Spa
  • D Clay Beauty
  • Coway
  • Dr Organic Hair Salon
  • Exprezza
  • Greenish City
  • Luzio
  • Dachainso
  • TAR UC

Over 182 brands have collected over 149,170 customer's data using Autobot.

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